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I'm Zina

Conflict Communication Coach

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What is a Conflict Communication Coach (CCC)?
Conflict communication coaching uses a specific set of skills and strategies to help individuals and groups effectively manage issues arising from conflict and promotes mindful resolutions through open communication.

Zina's Story

Zina is a public speaker and Conflict Communication Coach who educates people on the value of effective communication through conflict. She reinforces the idea that kindness and compassion are real and powerful. She emphasizes the importance of being present in our interactions and intentional with our words and actions. She talks about perspective and giving back to humanity. She is a leader, innovator, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and warrior.

Zina is also a seasoned attorney-mediator with over twenty years of experience working with victims of severe drug and alcohol addiction, troubled youth, and family crises. Her protection of children and families comes from her personal experiences growing up in a high conflict environment which included drugs, alcohol, and mental illness. As a child, she struggled with trying to protect herself and her family. She understands, from a child's perspective, the destruction and demise families face when they don't know how to effectively communicate, especially through conflict.

As a result of the chaos in Zina's life, she barely graduated high school and had to attend a continuation school to get enough credits to graduate. She then went onto college where she majored in Criminal Justice and minored in child psychology. After graduating with her bachelors at 21 years old, she took a year and a half off from school to work on Prop 36 initiatives, enabling her to volunteer with first-time drug offenders within the Orange County Probation Department and with the kids at Juvenile Hall. It was an eye-opening experience for Zina to meet the parents in the Prop 36 program and then meet their kids in Juvenile Hall. The entire family was in the system. Thereafter, Zina became a youth counselor for a female group home where she worked with a group of 7–11 teens at a time ranging from 13–17 years old. Zina dealt with a breadth of issues surrounding food addiction, self-mutilation, familial molestation, human trafficking victims, and rape trauma. As a counselor and a young adult herself, she quickly understood that she needed to make a bigger impact which further solidified her desire to help children and families through emotional turmoil.

In 2005, Zina started law school with the intention of becoming a juvenile advocate in the court system. To her dismay, the system was immensely impacted with an assembly line of cases, inhibiting the individualized and detailed attention toward each case. The little contact with the clients and families which Zina experienced was not enough for her to feel like she was impacting lives. She needed to find a new avenue — one where she could interact with the children and protect the families. After much evaluation, Zina decided that family law was the place to start. She did not like litigation or its contentious aspects but at the time, there didn't seem to be a viable alternative that dealt with the emotional needs of the families outside of the court. So, she created one. In 2009 after graduating from law school, Zina created Redefining Divorce, an entity which navigated tumultuous familial cases the amicable way. This was the first mediation company in California that focused primarily on the emotional needs of the families instead of the legal process. The company was designed to help families address their emotional needs so the adults didn't make the same mistakes in future relationships and so the kids could learn how to effectively resolve conflict. Through the various counseling programs and partnerships with Redefining Divorce, the program afforded the parents space and energy to focus on the most important thing in their lives: their kids, the innocent ones in this process.

Zina also learned after creating Redefining Divorce that many people didn't need to get divorced, they needed to learn how to communicate. Working with her counselors and Zina's amazing skill with conflict communication and resolution, Zina was able to achieve a 74% reconciliation rate among the couples who initially came to her for a divorce. Zina further honed her skills and then learned she needed to, once again, impact a greater amount of people in a quicker amount of time. She started serving in director roles for local non-profits and handling issues regarding foster children and families, human trafficking, and small business development. She spent 4 years volunteering Monday through Friday for two hours each day at a local junior high school, helping at-risk youth engage in their educational careers and anticipate high school. She was everywhere and doing everything she could to positively impact lives… and she absolutely did.

By 2013, just 4 years after opening her one of a kind company, she was awarded the Small Business of the Year award among the thousands of businesses which competed for such recognition. Further, she was being offered opportunities to franchise her company because people wanted to do what she was doing. But, Zina didn't believe in franchising something so intimate and personal — she didn't trust others would care as much as she did or handle her families the way she wanted. So, she kept at it. In July 2019, Redefining Divorce celebrated it's ten year anniversary and thousands of past clients, community members, elected officials and friends came to celebrate. Today, this company continues to truly save lives and families.

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